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Venture into new business: Coal Mining


As we are expanding our business, we decided to partner Mr Chen’s close friend, Indonesia Coal Mine Owner, in 2017 February to export coal to other country such as China, India etc. Indonesia Coal Mine Owner own a few lands in Indonesia which contain minerals such as coal, bauxite etc. We can ship up to 300,000 tonnes of coal per month and is consider as one of the largest coal miner in Indonesia. We hired a team of coal specialist which will ensure the quality meet the standard level of SUCOFINDO/SGS/CCIQ and customer specification before ship out. 


We also appoints Sucofindo/SGS/CCIQ to conduct sampling and analysis of the coal shipment at port of loading. The Sucofindo/SGS/CCIQ shall take representative samples and conduct analysis of the shipment in the course of loading cargo into mother vessel, and then simultaneously issue Certificate of Sampling and Analysis to both Buyer and Seller at port of loading. Sucofindo/SGS/CCIQ shall conduct a vessel draft survey at Seller’s cost to determine the quantity of coal delivered by vessel at the load port. 


After that we will conduct sampling and analysis of the coal shipment during vessel discharging at discharge port for sampling and analysis. The laboratory of sucofindo shall issue a Certificate of Sampling and Analysis at discharge port. The Certificate of Weight by means of draft survey issued by appointed surveyor company at the discharging port shall be final and binding upon the weight of invoice. 


We always believe quality is the most important criteria in maintaining long term relationship with customer.

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