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Asia Ocean Company Profile

Asia Ocean Pacific specialises in sourcing, processing, packing and supplying of all kinds of live, frozen, chilled and dry seafood across the world. Our broad spectrum of marine products include Cod Fish, Grouper, Dory fish, Sea Cucumber, Shrimps/Prawns, Squids, Cuttlefish, Pomfrets, Mackerels and Salmons. We have a wide span of sourcing and supply operation and extensive partnerships that stretches across Asia and the Middle East.












We take pride in our scrupulous efforts towards quality control at each of our sourcing units and follow strict procedures for sourcing, procurement, processing, product development, food safety, packing and delivery to match proper hygiene & sanitation standards. Our bottom-up approach together with our experienced team of expertise creates a win-win scenario for us and our customers who in-turn serve a long term relationship with us.

We supply to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, UK and USA; making us one of the biggest importers and exports of seafood in Singapore. The diversity of our Singapore culture enables us to connect with others across the globe effortlessly.

Our Mission

We are a team of people dedicated to supply quality frozen food that is value for money and great for the whole family.


Our Vision

We are a team of people striving to ensure that our products are of excellent quality while continuously challenging ourselves to reach greater heights. By having a strong support of the abundant aquatic resource and labour in Vietnam and China, we hope to succeed in providing our customers with the finest quality products within competitive prices.

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